Petits Músics del Món is an NGO that works from the cooperation between Catalonia and Malawi, being Music Crossroads a fundamental entity for it. Petits Músics del Món has been involved with Music Crossroads in Malawi for ten years, bringing music to classrooms and supporting the training of both teachers and future musicians. The organization’s co-operation is focused on stabilizing music education in Malawi and offering it as a work path of both invidual and group empowerment. Fostering a sense of belonging, self-confidence and awareness of existing issues.

In addition, PMM is fighting for access to free education and improving educational conditions for Malawian children, as well as fighting child illiteracy and gender disparities. The cooperation of Petits Músics del Món and Music Crossroads has been based on four areas of intervention, according to the detected problems:

  •  Form the Music Crossroads Malawi team, bands and own choirs: teacher training is essential to transform the social base from the early educational stages and to create a long-term self-sustaining project.
  • Provide a professional training module and promote their own bands and choirs.
  • Improve youth and female employability.
  • Preserve and promote traditional musical heritage.

Petits Musics cooperation is focused on implementing the Music Crossroads Malawi program, to strengthen its impact on the country’s youth and education. Through this collaboration, youth participation has been fostered through art and music. Much importance is given to continuous work with children and young people to influence their schooling and the transmission of values.

Music and education generate processes of change, leadership and personal and social transformation, with the people of the country as the driving force and protagonist of all of them. Music is essential in the educational process, both for the skills it entails and for the capacity for emotional and social penetration it causes.  


Construction of a computer room

This project focuses on the construction of a computer room at the Music Crossroads in Malawi (MCM). With the advent of computers, it is necessary to build a classroom at Music Crossroads in Malawi that allows students to take classes. Music Crossroads does not have adequate space to conduct computer classes, making it difficult to develop the subject.

Hear Us Children’s Project  

It is a project that was created to train Lilongwe children in the arts and music. This project is developed by our counterpart Music Crossroads Malawi, where children can freely express themselves through dance and singing.  

You can learn more about this project here.



Buku 2 is a songbook that collects popular songs from Malawi, to preserve and use traditional Malawian music as a tool for musical learning and cultural and social empowerment. This project talks about the culture and traditions of the country, preserving popular music so that it is not forgotten.

You can learn more about this project here.

Educational transformation in southern Africa

It is a project that opts for a computer education that allows opening horizons and having a broader view from knowledge. Petits Músics del Món wants to guarantee free access to education for children and young people of Malawi, managing to broaden the knowledge of students and improve in this area.

You can learn more about this project here.

More educated, more free

This project it is focused on building more toilets in elementary schools in Lilongwe, Malawi. It was created with the aim of guaranteeing boys and girls access to health services and promoting school attendance for young girls. 

You can learn more about this project here.

Construction of a dance classroom

This project focuses on building a dance class at the Malawi Music Crossroads (MCM) facility. Normally MCM dance classes take place in the courtyard where there is a great uprising of sand and dust, putting the health of children and teachers at risk. The construction of this classroom will have a capacity of 40 students.

 You can learn more about this project here.