Online training

Online training

Project that focuses on the realization of an online training focused on pedagogy and music, given by a Catalan teacher to teachers from Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. It works with various teachers, where they are taught various musical and master skills, to improve the education provided to the children of Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Teacher training is essential to transform the social base from the early educational stages and to create a long-range self-sustaining project. An option in the midst of a pandemic that has become a great opportunity to reach many more young people and teachers at a lower cost.

Online training focuses on training and providing teachers with the skills and competencies necessary to teach their students. Emphasis is placed on the positive repercussions of using music with children as a transformative and great learning tool. The training trains teachers in the construction of musical agreements, in intervals, in reading and writing music, voice training, choir conducting technique and in new pedagogical forms.

This project began in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic (October 2020) and is being a success. The training focuses on training and providing teachers with the skills and competencies needed to be able to teach their students. Teachers learn new teaching methodologies and musical aspects.

The training takes place online every Thursday and consists of 2 and a half hours a week and is taught through the Google Classroom I Zoom platform.

Student testimonials from
Online Training

«First of all, I would like to thank Petits Músics del Món and director Matthews Mfune MCMalawi for the opportunity to be part of the course. It has been so helpful that a part of my dreams have been achieved through the course.

I have always wanted to work more in the field of voice, including choir conducting and pedagogy. My skills as a music teacher are increasing and are no longer limited to the same type of knowledge.

Online learning is something that is not very common in Malawi and I am learning a lot because of it. «

Rebecca T.J Mwalwenje

Rebecca T.J Mwalwenje


«The course has been fantastic and I have also learned many skills that can enhance my music career in the real world from a professional artist.»

Adolf Victor

Adolf Victor

music assistant teacher and student of music crossroads malawi


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