Construction of a computer room

This project focuses on the construction of a computer room at the Music Crossroads in Malawi (MCM). With the advent of computers, it is necessary to build a classroom at Music Crossroads in Malawi that allows students to take classes. Music Crossroads does not have adequate space to conduct computer classes, making it difficult to develop the subject.

It is a classroom with a capacity of 20 students with special equipment for computers and for the development of the class. This will allow MCM to offer its students in the center and nearby primary and secondary schools an improvement in the quality of their education and a guarantee of training continuity in the axis of office skills.

For this reason, the aim is to ensure that students obtain open and free content through computers. This is a medium that allows us to open horizons and have a broader view and above all, from knowledge. In addition, if you want to give students a computer education, it is also necessary to offer a space that allows the progress of this initiative.