How is COVID living in the world?

How is COVID living in the world? The right to health and a universal health care system is a key right for the development of individuals and communities. COVID-19 has had a strong impact on countries that are already starting from very deficient systems and situations. This map, designed for the Autumn Festival, has been…


Petits Músics del Món we catch up

Petits Músics del Món we catch up Despite the health pandemic and the crisis caused by COVID-19, Petits Músics del Món tries to maintain its activity as normally as possible. It has been a difficult few months for most, where we have been affected and hit by this health and economic crisis. At Petits Músics…


Communication of Petits Músics del Món given the situation of COVID-19

Communication of Petits Músics del Món given the situation of COVID-19 In the wake of the declaration of alarm and serious health situation we are suffering, Petits Músics del Món has stopped all its ordinary activities. Our technical team continues working, in accordance with the hygienic measures established. We express our solidarity with all those…


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“A lot of small people in small places, doing little things can change the world” Eduardo Galeano Your support is very necessary. Without people like you would not make sense the work we are carrying out in Malawi and Catalonia.  Our team is made up of people like you who think another world is possible…


Little by little!!!

Building a class of computer science at the Music Crossroads in Malawi to promote education and implement projects we are carrying out with different organisms including Labdoo that supported by computer destinations This class is equated, and without you and the support we receive in initiatives such as Labdoo could not be carried out. If…


Benefit concert of support to “Petits Músics del Món”

Music, a right for everyone. Next Tuesday, 4 June, a charity concert will be held in support of the young musicians of the world at the Teatre Auditori A charity concert offered by “Aula de So”, with the aim of supporting our NGO, and being able to move forward with our projects. A musical spectacle…



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