Hear Us Children’s Choir

The Hear Us Children’s Project is a project created to train Lilongwe children in the arts and music. This project is developed by our counterpart Music Crossroads Malawi, where children can freely express themselves through dance and singing.

The project is based on a three-day-a-week music training given to the boys and girls by Music Crossroads-Malawi and supervised by the teacher and coordinator of this center. In this one works the song, the musical language and the instrumentalization. We work from traditional Malawi music, both in song and dance, to promote Malawian culture and the preservation of popular culture.

Children work on their traditions, safeguarding their songs and ensuring their viability. In this program, children and young people also work on topics such as health, education, AIDS / HIV, climate change, sexuality, family, etc.

Hear Us also participates in school events and it is important to note that they are a great source of popular music in their communities today. The recognition of Hear Us has grown in the institutional sphere of its country, as its projection has increased and made known.

Petits Músics del Món also implemented the creation of Hear Us Youth Festival: is an annual music contest held at Music Crossroads Malawi that gathers children and teachers from 16 elementary and high schools collaborating with our counterpart. Each year, about 300 children attend this festival, where a series of choreographies focusing on social issues are developed (sexuality, family, climate emergency, HIV, etc.)

The winning schools select five students and, together with five other students from the Hear Us Children Project, form the Hear Us Children’s Choir. This group travels to Sant Cugat del Vallès for three weeks, where they participate in the awareness project «Aprenem a cooperar».


We reduce inequality
We defend human rights
We ensure an education for children
We provide sanitation in schools


With your support we can ensure that more children have access to a quality education.


  • 936 671 703
  • organitzacio@petitsmusics.org
  • Valles Street, 92,08173 San Cugat del Valles

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