What we do

Petits Músics del Món is an organization that, since its cooperation with Malawi and Music Crossroads, has committed itself to fighting for the rights of children and women, ending structural inequalities and guaranteeing social and social rights. cultural life of the Malawians.

This joint work of the two entities has focused on the social and cultural transformation of the country, betting on a full appreciation of its own culture, with music and education as the main axes of this transformation. Petits Músics has been working with this direction for ten years, bringing music to classrooms and supporting the training of children, teachers and future musicians.

Petits Músics del Món has supported the defense and promotion of Malawi’s own culture and identity, advocating for the preservation of Malawian popular music. In addition, Petits Músics promotes the potential of music as an educational and enjoyment tool, where education in values and solidarity in children, young people and women is channeled.

Areas of intervention in which we work


Petits Músics del Món is an NGO that works from the cooperation between Catalonia and Malawi, being Music Crossroads a fundamental entity for this. Petits Músics has been involved with Music Crossroads in Malawi for ten years, bringing music to classrooms and supporting the training of both teachers and future musicians.


Petits Músics del Món works to raise awareness and educate the general population about the population, especially children and young people. The organization makes known the conditions in which the most vulnerable populations in Malawi are, the suffering of the albino community, the violation of the rights of women and girls in Malawi and the state of education in that country.  


We reduce inequality
We defend human rights
We ensure an education for children
We provide sanitation in schools


With your support we can ensure that more children have access to a quality education.


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