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Music Crossroads Malawi

Music Crossroads Malawi (MCM) is a school and non-profit organization that fights for the empowerment of young people through music, created in 1995. It is a center of music education and meeting between musicians, artists, young people and children, which is located in the 23rd district of Lilongwe, Malawi.

It uses music education and the arts to train children and foster young talent. Its framework focuses on improving Malawi’s education system. It also works to increase the employment of young people at risk and promote the music and arts industry.


Music Crossroads Mozambique

Music Crossroads Mozambique (MCSAM) is a non-profit organization with a mission to empower young people through music since 1995, although it was officially established in 2007. It is a center of music education and training for musicians, artists, young people and children, located in Maputo.

They work to raise awareness in the community about how music can contribute to the socio-economic development of a society, and they also work on issues such as education, women’s empowerment, HIV and AIDS, poverty, child marriage, and more.


Music Crossroads Zimbabwe

Music Crossroads Zimbabwe (MCZ) is a non-profit organization that uses the power of music education, vocational training and the promotion of talented young people to empower them and support the development of Zimbabwe’s music sector.

The organization also uses music as a powerful tool for socioeconomic development, community transformation, and the establishment of social and economic enterprises. Although the organization is only 6 years old, the project has existed in Zimbabwe since 1997.



We reduce inequality
We defend human rights
We ensure an education for children
We provide sanitation in schools


With your support we can ensure that more children have access to a quality education.


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