Political Incidence

Political Incidence

DSC_0347Political incidence: activities aimed at lobbied political actors to make decisions that help resolve situations in which individuals and/or communities are in vulnerable conditions.

Petits Músics informs about under what conditions live the most vulnerable populations in Malawi-the suffering of the albino community; The situation of women and girls in Malawi and Africa in general; State of education in that country and the neighbouring countries,…

We can – and want to – be the voice of the communities that suffer in an overwhelming oblivion the lack of their most elementary rights.

From the fall of 2018, we started a new project in this direction. It is an initiative that seeks to visualize the terrible situation that people live with albinism in sub-Saharan Africa and in Malawi in particular.

If you want to collaborate and join our team you can do it by becoming a member, collaborator, volunteer or, simply by spreading the news that we are sharing in this regard.