"Education is the most powerful weapon
Podemos to use to change the world "
Nelson Mandela


From 2005.

The reception of Families:

A solidarity and effective formula for raising awareness. The children enter a very different society from their own, penetrating within the family, the most intimate structure of our society, where many cultural and human parameters are discovered in an acceptable way.

The cozy families, for their part, value very positively the experience and this has helped us to open the door to a support-continued cooperation beyond the foster care.

The group received:

First bands were young, but in recent years we have focused on the boys and girls of Hear Us, school age.  Africali (2006), Konga Vibes (2007), BMS (2008). Mokoomba (2009), Model Choir and then Hear Us Kids, has allowed a cultural exchange in the workshops that are held in schools.

The workshops "Learn to cooperate":

More 300 children, relatives and teachers every year, apart from the concert outdoors has allowed our city to know live a little more about life in those countries and make service learning projects that help to grow to one and other

Local institutions:

Since the second year of the project, our Council has supported us and its participation has been increasingly resolute. Since the year 2009 the Department of Education of the City Council of Sant Cugat joined the workshops of the educational revitalization plan.

In 2016 the year in Ruibi and Cerdanyola and in 2018 workshops were started in Barcelona.


Press media:

Radio and television interviews have helped to spread these works and the groups themselves. From the outset we have had the support of TVSC that has been done year after year and has participated in projects such as "A song by Malawi" with what a score of schools were to record the songs of the first songwriting published in Malawi.

The charity Children's market

It has become the closing act of the group's stay in Catalonia, a cultural experience, the materialization of the work in schools, a focus of solidarity with the boys and young people as protagonists.