Buku 2

Buku 2 is a songbook based on popular Malawian songs, in order to preserve and use Malawian traditional music as a tool for music learning and cultural and social empowerment. This project narrates the culture and traditions of the country, preserving popular music so that it is not forgotten.

This is a social and cultural empowerment, a recognition of the values ​​of Malawi culture and a change of perspective on what is proper. This volume will compile fifteen popular Malawi songs, and a teaching guide. It is sent to Music Crossroads-Malawi, which contributes to their music education with materials specific to their culture.

It is a valuable musical, cultural and educational tool for use in the classroom. The book is also a tool of empowerment and funding for the MCM team, since they can teach courses, sell or use them as they think best. This book is prepared with the participation of the students of the Art Institute Oriol Martorell, making the transcription in musical notation of the repertoire.