Organising entities

Organising entities

The organizing entities are the leading entities and NGOs of each participating country that will manage and organize the project of the Hear Us International Forum. These will coordinate and organize the various phases.

Petits Músics del Món

Catalan NGO dedicated to awareness-raising and cooperation projects through music, as it is a tool for social integration and growth capable of overcoming all borders.

Since 2009 we have been working in the 23rd district of Lilongwe (Malawi) with Music Crossroads Malawi, a meeting point for schools, musicians, children and young people.

Music Crossroads Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe music institution that uses music as a tool for youth empowerment. They hold hundreds of workshops and promotional concerts across the country and have conducted several regional and international exchanges.

Music Crossroads Malawi

Malawi NGO and Music Academy that employs music education and the arts to train children and foster young talent. Its framework focuses on improving Malawi’s education system, increasing the employment of at-risk youth and promoting the music and arts industry.

Music Crossroads Moçambic

Mozambique arts and culture organization that promotes creativity, innovation and cultural diversity for young people through music. They work for women’s empowerment, poverty, education, disability and child marriage, using music as a tool for change.