Solidarity Market

As in previous years, in case of rain the VIII charity market will be moved to the Gerbert D’orlhac School. It is important that you broadcast and all those interested send form to book a table

LE 17:00 start of mark
et * Various performances and final party with the group Malawi
20:00 closure


On April 6th we will make the charity market together with Hear Us Children Malawi and we propose you to participate in the SOLIDARITY MARKET day. A fun activity to learn, make shopkeepers, practice cooperation and get to know other realities.

IPATE? 1) Download the website Registratio
n Form 2) fill in and send via email.
You will receive a confirmation email and we will assign you a stop.

You can participate alone or in a group of up to five people (friends, students, families). With a single condition: the protagonists have to be you children and young people, although it requires 1 adult responsible to the stop.

HOW DOES THE MARKET WORK? To be able to buy, the public will have to exchange euros for (the Malawi coin) through the Malawi bank. As shopkeepers you can only accept the kwatxes.

WHAT TO SELL AT YOUR STOP. Collect toys, books, clothes, handicrafts, drawings, various objects…  You will assign a price to each thing and in the market we will translate its value to the coin “Kwatxa” of Malawi.

WHAT IS THE MONEY INTENDED FOR? Each solidarity group will know at the end of the activity its contribution. The money will support the education projects that little musicians of the world makes in Malawi.