Gender Strategy 2018 – 2021

Gender Strategy 2018 – 2021

Since we were constituted as a Our interventions in Africa and Catalonia have had a good That there is no social transformation without including girls, girls and other The different phases of the projects.

Little musicians of the world believe in the importance of Every local action to reach the Empire of Global Justice. Each activity Micro has a macro-level impact. Each barrier that is broken is a The fence that opens up to a fairer, freer and more supportive world.

We understand that there are no rights, These rights do not enjoy them all; There is no freedom, but everyone is Free There is no justice if there is no justice for everybody.

For entities that, like the Young musicians from the world, work in countries where the conditions in which Women are marked by discrimination, lack of freedoms and rights and Inequality, the application of a gender perspective is not an option, it is a Priority.

We know that we cannot To impose our criteria on other cultures or collectives; However, we are We can not subscribe attitudes that can harm psychological or physical Anyone for any reason.

So, despite understanding the traits that differentiate each society and Of the community, the defence of human rights, first, second and third Generation – are universal and applicable to each and every person The planet.

The role played by women in African countries is perhaps one of the most heavy: reproductive roles, care for the home and the family and be responsible for nurture it, that means that, in addition, they have to find life to keep their people. But power, as almost everyone, continues in the hands of male. It is true that there are exceptions-women with political charges, with economic power and social relevance-but these are exceptions.

So we understand As an entity that works in favour of global justice is necessary to put all The means we have at our disposal to strengthen the capacities of women To guarantee their real participation – with the right to voice and vote, to choose Be chosen – in the spaces where decisions are taken that affect their Lives in any of its aspects.

The clamor of the African woman exists, but she hardly listens. In fact, not even within the framework of the western feminist movement. This means that we must be very careful when thinking about the type of gender approach we want to give to the projects we promote in southern Africa. Because in the reality of African women, elements are added that make their everyday lives more heavy: poverty, problems with the family of the husband, pressure from elderly women on young people, polygamy, religious fundamentalism – both Muslim and Of the Christian or other traditional beliefs. So, as ONGD involved in Global justice, we will defend all those initiatives that, in one way or another, contribute to improving the conditions and quality of life of women, girls and girls, taking into account their African dimension.

What to do?

The international cooperation projects of little musicians of the world must To prioritise over the next three years, initiatives to ensure the entry of and girls in schools and that these schools have their own infrastructures necessary to ensure the safety of these: bathrooms for girls, lighting appropriate, control over possible abusive attitudes of teachers, etc.

It is also important to establish ad hoc controls to decide which ones The counterparties work and with which not, in accordance with objective criteria Management teams, how it acts on the ground, what discourse of the Gender is behind, etc.

Little musicians of the world ESTA-Bleix for the next triennium that:

  1. It must be taken into Account Voices   of women and   Organisations that have an active and proactive way to make the Gender equality.
  2. Please Participate in the African and international forums that strive for equality Denounce violence against girls, girls and women, making proposals for the From the educational cooperation that we promote.
  3. We must strengthen Initiatives aimed at empowering girls, girls and women in the context of the of their communities and, as the case may be, affect the means available in Initiatives to ensure their safety.
  4. We must work – Establishing synergies or giving ad hoc support – in the complaint and prosecution Any type of violation due to gender of the rights of women, Girls and girls

How to do this:

Little musicians of the world undertake to ensure that Gender and human rights-based approach (EGiDH) is applied through  

  1. Adopting commitments that ensure the transversality of the gender approach in our daily life as an entity;
  2. Incorporating this approach of gender into the design of policies of cooperation and sensitisation of the entity;
  3. The use of a non-sexist language in the materials produced by the Organization;
  4. The application of a regulation that takes into account the gender equality in the politics of labour and voluntary personnel, as well as of the positions of the board of Directors.
  5. Taking disciplinary measures in the face of any form of sexist and abusive attitude by staff, volunteers or members of the board.