What is “Petits Músics del Món”

“Petits Músics del Món” is an NGO that develops projects of solidarity and educational and cultural cooperation through music, with special attention to children and young people in Malawi. We focus on music because it is a tool of social integration and growth and is able to overcome all borders.

Since 2009 we have been working with Music Crossroads, an NGO that supports the development of music education in The 23rd District of Malawi, a meeting point between schools, musicians, children and young people.

Labdoo, we’re pick-up point!

Labdoo is a non-profit project that aims to provide laptops to schools in different parts of the world, in order to end the digital divide.
Pick-up point: So Classroom (Placa d’en Coll, no2)

The Hear Us Children around the World

15 Hear Us Children representatives are in Brazil

Spring Paella

We started to heat the platform of Plaza del Coll for the 28th of April!

VIII Solidarity Market

Sing with Malawi

Come and rehearse with us and sing with the Malawi group on April 6 in the Solidarity Market

Projecte Labdoo

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Labdoo is a non-profit project that aims to provide computers, laptops in schools in various parts of the world in order to end the digital divide.

Zikomo kwambiri, thank you very much! If you want to send us any questions, doubts or suggestions do not hesitate to contact: