Our goal


Contributing to the development of education in the most disadvantaged populations of Malawi through musical projects especially aimed at girls, boys and youth. At the same time and from Catalonia, we promote awareness-raising activities aimed at primary and secondary schools in order to achieve a more conscious society, more responsible and more supportive, to create a framework for peer learning, With music as an argument.


We Work on projects of solidarity, cooperation and cultural awareness The value of music as a Universal language, with the ability to To unite different cultures, overcoming the barriers of social differences, And as an effective tool for social integration and proven track of growth Personal.

In compliance with this purpose, the small Musicians Association of the World wants to avoid the creation of dependencies, creating a framework of authentic cultural exchange of experiences between “equals” with music as an argument and for mutual benefit.

And it is That is why we guide our work towards:

  • The empowerment
  • The inclusion
  • The promotion of people in Through cultural development