Who are we

Small musicians in the world is an NGO that develops projects of solidarity and educational and cultural cooperation through music, with special attention to children and young people from Malawi. We are committed to music because it is a tool for social integration and growth and is able to overcome all borders. We believe that education and cultural development are a fundamental step towards transforming reality.

Anna Iserte: Responsible for organization and communication. Find me at comunicacio@petitsmusics.org. And every morning I am at your disposal.

Albert Foz: Volunteer and member of the host Families group. I am developing new projects with Petits Musics del Mon. Find me on Wednesdays in the morning in Petits.

Martí Marin: Founder and President of the NGO. Find me at info@petitsmusics.org. Professor of music and director of the Music school Aula de So in Sant Cugat del Vallès, he has founded other associations and cultural projects now fully alive.