Five cents over Malawi

Resultado de Imágenes of Malawi Little Músicos

Malawi is a country in the region of África austral from 118,480 km2, with nearly four neighboring ones that Cataluña, with a few 20 million inhabitants, the triple that Nosotros.

Being a multilingual country, as the independence, in 1964, it was decided that the official language of the English was fugal; Nevertheless, it is not the same as mayoritariamente neither in the street, nor in the schools or in the family or with friends and

In Malawi Hablan who is th[o Nyanja]e lengua of the Chew, Etnia Mayoritaria; También se habla The Chitumbuka, which is the lengua of Tumbuka, the second Etnia con number, y then se hablan un montón de idiomas más, Yao, Ngoni, Swahili…

It is a main agricultural country, Rico con Tabaco, Azúcar y has, that sell in the Extranjero. As the tabaco went bearing every vez Menos, ahora Empiezan to plant more Algodon en su lugar.

And if something is very proud of the Malauí es de su Lago-Lake Malawi-El tercero más grande en extension-almost 30,000 km2! -of which sacan great parte of feeding.


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