Petits Músics del Món


Petits Músics del Món is a catalan NGO that was officially founded in 2010 and carries out international cooperation and awareness projects through initiatives in which music and dance are a fundamental part. The goal is to improve the living conditions and quality of life for Malawi children – and in the future for other South countries – by supporting the education of children and young people.

In the field of cooperation, we work in Malawi, one of the most disadvantaged countries in Africa, where the majority of the population lives below the poverty line. We know that change is also needed in our country, in rich countries. So we work promoting awareness-raising activities, especially aimed at primary and secondary schools, in Catalonia, to achieve a society more aware of the reality, more responsible and more supportive.

Each year, through “Aprenem a cooperar” project, we organize cultural exchange days with young people from Malawi and Catalonia, bringing the two together.



We believe in shared work

We have witnessed the potential and proactivity of African communities and this has encouraged us and pushed us to commit to supporting projects that promote autonomous development that will help, inter alia, create jobs that are aligned with their own. reality. And we do this by emphasizing from the world we know best: music, dance and other artistic forms in general.

Music shows, exchanges, coexistence, workshops, education, teacher training … are the tools that allow us to create a framework for peer learning, with music as an argument.

Indeed, we want to emphasize the value of music and dance as universal languages, which bring cultures together and help us grow as one world people.