We are a non-profit organization, we want a peaceful world where we help each other for a better future for children, where music becomes the main thrust of social and cultural transformation.

 Our mission

We believe in a world where all children have the right to education. Our mission is to invest in early childhood education to empower the next generation. We do this by contributing to the development of education in the most disadvantaged populations through music projects.



“Aprenem a cooperar”

It is a project aimed at promoting cooperation and exchange between Malawi and Catalonia, with the participation of catalan educational centers. This results in a series of workshops at primary and secondary schools in Sant Cugat, Sabadell, Rubi and Barcelona.


More educated, more free

This project it is focused on building more toilets in elementary schools in Lilongwe, Malawi. It was created with the aim of guaranteeing boys and girls access to health services and promoting school attendance for young girls.


Hear Us Children’s Project

It is a project that was created to train Lilongwe children in the arts and music. This project is developed by our counterpart Music Crossroads Malawi, where children can freely express themselves through dance and singing.  


Children in Malawi know how to sing village songs, but they don’t know music, I talk about reading music: the solfeo, the ta-ta-ta, the performance. This is what we are giving them. At Music Crossroads we offer a professional music course. We want to reach a group of kids who grow up learning music.

 John Duma

What we want here in Malawi is to encourage girls to go to school. Any girl should go to school, both in the towns and cities, but the parents themselves are the ones who don’t drop their children off at school.

 Martha Kasinja


  • Communication of Petits Músics del Món given the situation of COVID-19
    In the wake of the declaration of alarm and serious health situation we are suffering, Petits Músics del Món has stopped all its ordinary activities. Our technical team continues working, in accordance with the hygienic measures established. We express our solidarity with all those who directly or indirectly suffer from the virus and our thanks…
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    “A lot of small people in small places, doing little things can change the world” Eduardo Galeano Your support is very necessary. Without people like you would not make sense the work we are carrying out in Malawi and Catalonia.  Our team is made up of people like you who think another world is possible…
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    There or here, no matter, the volunteer or volunteer figure is essential. We look for committed people, people like you, with hopes and confidence in humanity; We want people that are good people; Without fear and without heroics. We want people who believe in this project. And if you have time, aptitudes and good will,…


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Petits Músics del Món is an NGO that works for the positive social and cultural transformation of Malawi through music and the awareness of the catalan population.


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