Communication of Petits Músics del Món given the situation of COVID-19

In the wake of the declaration of alarm and serious health situation we are suffering, Petits Músics del Món has stopped all its ordinary activities. Our technical team continues working, in accordance with the hygienic measures established.

We express our solidarity with all those who directly or indirectly suffer from the virus and our thanks to the medical, scientific and emergency staff who fight it.

We also highly value all those people who, despite the risk of contagion, work to maintain essential services and/or to care for the most vulnerable.

We support the health authorities and policies in the difficult management of this crisis. We urge that the necessary measures of protection, care and support for the affected population, especially the most vulnerable, be promoted. In addition, we claim the necessary economic measures to support professionals and self-employed workers, small businesses and businesses that are most affected.

We are also convinced that this situation will subside and that our society will be able to recover from solidarity. This crisis should help us reflecting on our priorities as a society. It’s time to set an example and express personal and community responsibility.