One minute and even less can make the difference for thousands of people

Start. And we do it by asking you for a minute of your time. Because one minute is what will take us to read the texts that we will hang periodically on this blog. Sometimes there will be brief articles, other opinions and very often they will be called to solidarity. We will also collect texts from other groups, perhaps pieces from a report or interview or, why not, a single sentence from those that make us shake values.

With one minute we want to give the necessary data so that you can make the decisions you want, but at least they are basic and well-informed answers.

We seek not easy tears, but indignation; We don’t want to play in the back, we want compromises. In fact, this blog was born with the intention of knowing both the problems of the people with us working in Malawi and in the future in other countries of the South, and the projects that we jointly promote as part of the solution.

We ordered a minute from time to time. Because we know that a decision made in a minute can make a difference for thousands and thousands of people.

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